Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ATS Recipe Challenge

Hello! Today at the All That Scraps Challenge Blog we have a Recipe challenge - 4 Embellishments, 3 Papers, 2 Colors and 1 Image. I used an image from CC Designs Spring Stamp Kit which is 25% off until the end of February (after that the sale is over and they are available individually instead of as a kit.)

I hope I am not cheating by using 2 shades of blue and olive green as my "2 colors". It really is 2 colors - blue and green!! Do I have you convinced?! My 4 embellishments are liquid pearls, a button, ribbon and stickles. I used 2 different DP's on the background and then paper pieced her clothes with the third. I always use Paper Trey Ink white paper for my Copic coloring, but this was my first time using their Vintage Cream. It seemed to bleed quite a bit more than I was used to, but maybe I was just extra heavy handed!! I'll let ou know if I notice it in future cards.

The Details:
Stamp: CC Designs Spring Kit, Amy R Congrats Sentiments - both All That Scraps
Paper: Cosmo Cricket Early Bird, Island Mist Medium, Island Mist Dark (Prism), Vintage Cream (PTI)
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black
Skin: R00,E00,E11,R20
Hair: E02,E08,E19,E18
Wings and Shoes: BG11, BG72,BG75,YG03 w/W0 over it, YG95
Misc: Lettuce Liquid Pearls, Button (SU), Ribbon (SU), Stardust Stickles, Spellbinders Nestabilities Labels 8, Corner Rounder (SU)

Thanks so much for visiting me today! I hope you can play along with us!


gobeagirl said...

Hi Traci..This is sooo cute! Between you and Amy I think I have to start playing with ATS...I have the last three sets that they have put out, but I haven't done any of their challenges. I love the details on your pretty card. Have a good day, Lisa

Amy said...

LOL! Looks like this challenge inspired us both to use the same color combo! Love the stamp you used, I'm waiting for her to come out individually so I can grab her up! Another fabulous card Traci! :)

Kelly Booth said...

SOOOOOO Cute Traci...Love this sweet Creation!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh, she is adorable Traci! Love these papers....
Pam Going Postal

Lysa said...

Love these Spring images.. really want to get them!! Going to try to play along at ATS too!

Anonymous said...

Wow GORGEOUS card Traci !!! I really love the colors you used and her paper pieced clothes !!! So cute. The liquid pearl you have added all around seems like metalllic little studs, it's a big great idea, I love it !!!
Mag :)

mycardz said...

Aww... this image is adorable and your card is sooo pretty! Love all the brads and very pretty colors. Glad to be on the team with you!

Unknown said...

Love the colours you have used, stunning card,
Angela x

Randi said...

So cute Traci!! Incredible that you only used two colors!! I love the liquid pearl dots! At first I thought they were all brads. And, I was like whoa!! Love this little pixie image! Great DP and cute little DP outfit!!

Tasha said...

This is super cute! Love the studded frame and the cute image with the paper piecing and glittered wings
love tasha xx

LORi said...

Too cute!!


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