Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Challenge Cards

...from yesterdays VSN challenges! Sorry - you may have already seen these if you joined us for the VSN last night or looked up the challenge cards in The Greeting Farm's gallery, but that is all I have had time to work on this week! (Although, work is not the right word because it was SO much FUN!)

The first is for the Trip It Up and Stamp It Out challenge where we were supposed to make our best disco, psychadelic, "trippy" card. I decided to go the disco route and I used the new Hippie Anya, only changing her hair for a more Studio 54 look! The disco ball is made with the prism paper with different sized clear gems on top. The background is embossed with a CB folder then has stickles added and her clothes are heavily stickled!

The Details:
Stamps: Hippie Anya and Sentiment (Pupstar) - The Greeting Farm
Skin: E25,E27,R24,R29
Clothes: C9,Y15,R29

I really struggled with he Heritage card because on my mom's side no one really knows where we come from (sad, I know!) and on my dad's he has traced our family back to the 1500's in Sweden, but we don't really follow any traditions or anything. So I decided that when I think of where I come from and my childhood I think of my grandparents farm. They had a small farm, just growing and raising enough for themselves, not to make a living from. They both also worked at the Cannery and in my memories of my Grandpa he is always wearing his Cannery shirt with his name tag. My grandparents had the longest lasting still-in-love marriage that I knew, so I am sending this "portrait" to my Grandma (who lost Grandpa 3 years ago).

Stamps: Rock the Farm (with the head from Happy Chef because it reminds me of my Grandpa!), McSplendid Farm, Wardrobe 2 for Ian's clothes, Sentiment from Dress Me - all THe Greeting Farm
DP: Dirty Rodeo - The Greeting Farm
Skin: R00,RE00,E11,R20
Clothes: C0,C1,B91,B93,B95,B97,B99,R35,R37,R39,E53,E55
Anya's Hair:E02,E08,E09,E18
Ian's Hair:w0,w1,w3

As soon as I saw Navajo Anya I wanted to do a friendship card with Cowgirl Anya and I thought Jacquie's sketch would be perfect for that! I tried to color Cowgirl like Jessie from Toy Story!

The Details:
Stamps: Cowgirl and Navajo Anya, Sentiment - Cup of Stuff, all from The Greeting Farm
DP: Sunny Glenn - The Greeting Farm
Cowgirl hair: E02,E08,E09,E18
CG Clothes: Y15,Y17,C3,C5,C7,E57,E59,R24,R29,R39
Navajo Hair: C3,C5,C7,C9

Have a Wonderful Day!
:-) Traci


Jessica Diedrich said...

There is NOTHING to be sorry about people seeing these again! OH MY WORD these are FABULOUS Traci! I had SUCH a good time hanging out with you last night, too online-you are so much fun! Gorgeous cards!!!

Mary Giles said...

Well I didn't have time to see these before VSN and OMWord! These are super-duper fabulous. No apology needed dear. We blog for fun remember? I love your disco gal's stickled glittery clothes and lips. The friendship card is a brilliant idea and the card for your grandma will be treasured.

kadie said...

There is nothing you don't do marvelously! These are outstanding!! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!!