Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back from My Alaskan Wildlife Cruise!

Hi! I got back from my cruise on Wednesday and we immediately went to work repairing our fence (part of it got blown down in the winter but the ground was too frozen to fix it then). I think we have finally got the hard part finished (the old posts and concrete removed and the new posts are in the ground!) The only stamping I have had time to do is for the sneak peeks of the new releases for The Greeting Farm/Club Anya, which starts Sunday (the sneak peeks, I mean - the new stamps are released on the 15th!) I am also working on cards for Club Anya's Virtual Stamp night challenges which will happen on the 14th! You can find all of the info on the challenges HERE so you can have yours done early, too, and enter to win the prizes!

I had a great time on my cruise - we saw lots of Bald Eagles (which is kind of normal to me now because I see so many where I live), Puffins, Stellar Sea Lions, some Porpoises, and several Humpback Whales. The pictures of the whales don't show much, but it was so cool!

This was one of three separate whale sightings but none of the pictures were any better than this one. There were actually two here - You can see the water being blown by the second one.

The Stellar Sea Lions.

These porpoises looked like tiny Orca's and they played right next to the boat for a while.

We saw this Eagle on a little pond after the Cruise.

And these Dall Sheep were by the side of the road on our drive back home!

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the first of the sneak peeks of the new Greeting Farm stamps!
:-) Traci

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Angie said...

Welcome back! It looks like you guys saw lots of neat stuff. I love the Eagle picture!