Thursday, June 18, 2009

To My Knight in SHining Armor

Hi! How are you today!? I have spent the day trying to clean my house a little. My house is always a mess because I would rather stamp or sew or knit than clean. Well, we all would, you might say. The problem is I can ignore the mess for a looong time while I do what I want to do instead. It is usually the threat of someone coming over that gets me to work! Luckily, I have a wonderful hubby who never complains about it! In fact in almost 20 years of marriage he has never once complained about the house being messy, or said a word about the huge amount of weight I have gained since we were dating! (He has many other wonderful traits, but I think those deserve a mention!) Anyway, on to my card! It just so happens it is the Father's Day card I made for him. Funny thing is, I thought last Sunday was Father's Day and I gave it to him then! The good thing about that is my Father's Day cards for my Step-dad and Father-in-law will actually be on time this year! (With all of the cards I make, I am always mailing them at the last minute! I don't know why - it's a sickness! :-)

My card today is made with the Knight from Sugar Nellies and the Castle from Doodlefactory. The DP is retired SU, and I used lots of stickles! I colored the images with Copics. I'm sorry, I don't have my usual list of colors today because I was making this on Saturday while he was out shopping and because I thought Sunday was Father's Day I was in a big hurry and I didn't write down the colors as I used them. I'll have the colors listed again on the next card!

Have a wonderful day!
:-) Traci


Mary Giles said...

Traci this is sooo cute and yes I fall into that boat of would rather stamp than clean. Especially after a long day at work, cleaning is the last thing on my mind. I have been with my husband 19 years and married for 10 this year. My husband has seen me skinny and plump and he loves me either way. I think he is a keeper.

Angie said...

Oh goodness! You just reminded me that I nee to get on it with making my DH a card for Sunday! Sheesh! I"m with you on the stamping rather than cleaning!