Friday, June 5, 2009

Shine on the Boardwalk

Hi! I just have a very quick post today to show another very quick card! I liked the scene that these papers created so much and I really couldn't think of anything else to add that wouldn't cover up part of that.

My card today uses Shine from The Greeting Farm's Rain, Snow, Shine set. The DP is DCWV. And that's pretty much it! She is colored with Copics:

Skin: R00,E00,E11,E13,R20
Hair: E02,E08,E19,E18

Thanks so much for looking!
:-) Traci


~*Joni said...

OMgosh Traci, I feel like I'm on the boardwalk or Coney Island back in the day. What a perfect bg for this Anya! As if it weren't enought that the ferris wheel is perfectly situated, you enhance Anya even more with your adorable coloring. Bravo!!! btw, I need to email you regarding the you know what on the 15th (wink wink).
Happy Friday!

Annita said...

your cards are beautiful ! I am new to copics and looking through your card I have found lots of tips and your coloring is fantastic !

kadie said...

Dang, Girl! You are really blowing my mind here with these last few cards. AWESOME!!!!! Love the coloring (always love your coloring) and the BG's!! WOW!! Have a great weekend!

Maria said...

Wow Traci what a gorgeous card! The background is so cool! It matches Shine so nicely. It looks like she really is at the beach! Your coloring is spectacular. . .I just love the pretty highlights to her hair!! Your card looks like a photo. Beautiful job!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

This is absolutely STUNNING! WOW! I love the background and how real it looks and your coloring is glowing and gorgeous! Love it!

Randi said...

I am REALLY loving these scene cards!! They have such a wonderful visual impact!! And, of course your coloring is exquisite. No one does hair like you!!

Javablustamper said...

WOW!! AWESOME!!! When do we leave? You know!! For the beach?? WOO HOO!! Beautiful coloring, as ALWAYS!! And.....let's not forget that DP!!! I think I might have that, or I saw it somewhere!! Never can tell!! Haha!! Hope you are well!!

Take care!

MichelleO said...

Wow ... I would love to visit shine! Looks like a great vacation spot! Gorgeous as always girl!

crafty amy said...

This is so beautiful :) I love the backing and it was a good choice not to cover it she works perfectly just going for a strol
X Amy X

Melyssa said...

Wow Traci I wouldn't know what to do with that background and you made is flawless with Miss Anya! It's amazing!

Anonymous said...

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