Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Superhero Ian!

So all of this altering Ian or Anya into a Rockstar has been so much fun, both to do and see! (If you don't know what I am talking about, head over to Club Anya and check out the fun contest going on right now!) I had to share this other altered Ian card. Last week my husband said to me," You should try to make him into Batman and Joker." He's always been a Batman fan and it's kind of a reoccuring theme in our lives together. Teh first Tim Burton Batman movie was one of our first dates. We both wore Batman t-shirts to our wedding reception. When our daughter was a baby, you were guaranteed to get a big grin by going "nananananana Batman!" and she had Batmand pajama's as a toddler, that she wore as her first Halloween costume. So, anyway, I had to try!
I made the images last week and I was so tickled to see Batman and the Joker with Ian's sweet face! They are both made with Dress Me Ian. For Batman, I traced Ian's head and drew a mask for him. I also traced his body twice and drew the Batman costume and the Joker costume. I really wanted a city scene behind them and I didn't have one (you'd think I'd just draw one, but I am way better drawing things that concern people - clothes, hair, people themselves. ) but I found 2 different ones at Starving Artists Stamps. I used Doodlefactory Rooftops Backdrop. Then while waiting for it to arrive, the Joker got something wet on him and got all smeared, so I had to do him again! (I'm so grateful it wasn't Batman - he took so much longer!) . Everything is colored wiht Copics.

Thanks so much for coming to see what I have done and all of the wonderful comments that are left - Traci


crafty amy said...

OMGosh I love it this is so cool you are just so tallented! I was thinking about playing with different caracters from films too but have been trying to stop myself at the moment as I have so much else to do and I could play with them all day. This new challenge has really got my brain working lol

X Amy X

Emily said...

This is my NEW favorite card of yours, it is sooo Creative!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Gabby said...

NO WAY!!! SHUT UP!!! OHMYWORD this is GORGEOUS!!! I envy your talent!!! Gorgeous...just gorgeous!

MichelleO said...

You ROCK girl! these looks so awesome on the card front.. and so perfect!!! REALLY just just jaw dropping great!

Heather Schlatter said...


Wow wow wow you so totally have so so much talent girl!!! You rock everything I have ever seen you do!!!

This is great and I love your ability to alter and draw cloths and such!!!

adorable images girl!!!


Janna said...

Yay!!!!! I am so excited to see the card you made with these awesome characters!!! Wow, wow, wow!! This is incredible! Even better than I imagined! The costumes you made for them are drop dead gorgeous and I love the cityscape in the background! Everything came together perfectly!!!


Angie said...

AAaaagh! OMGosh this turned out SUPER WONDERFUL!!! I knew you were getting the DF city backgroung, it's PERFECT! I love this card and you should definitely frame it and keep it forever! Your work truly is amazing, you are so talented!

Javablustamper said...

WOW!! Again Traci, you are SO talented!!! I am in AWE woman!! I mean SERIOUSLY!!! I saw the images when they were colored and this is just AMAZING with the background!!! You ROCK!!!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh-- THis is just the cutest thing ever-- So glad you clicked my follow link so I could find your blog-- Your Anya and Ian cards blow me away!!

Meli Palmer said...

Holy snickerdoodles. I am so into you blog! Every post is just better than the next. LOVE this Batman card. So clever.
You asked about the patterned paper on my Alice card. It's My Mind's Eye (A Girl Is and So Sweet collections). Love it!