Tuesday, May 20, 2014

OCC More Day 8 Cards!

Ok, I admit it - I am totally in love with what I learned in day 8 of Online Card Classes Watercolor class! I can't stop making cards with the technique Tasnim Ahmed taught us! With this card I did learn that the paper can make a BIG difference. I decided to paint two roses at once. The one that I made the card with is on Fabriano Hot Press 140lb watercolor paper and I loved how it turned out. I am also going to show a picture of the other one, painted at the same time on Aqvarelle Arches 100% cotton 140 lb watercolor paper. I think it turned out awful (it actually looks better in the photo than in real life) and it is not like the paper was cheap paper. I have had it for years, but at the time I bought it, it was probably the most I had ever spent on a craft item! (I will say I later did a different watercolor technique that the Aqvarelle paper handled better than the Fabriano, but I havent had time to photograph it yet.)

The stamps are PTI and I painted with distress inks.

This one is much fuzzier looking and the ink settled into the paper very fast, so I couldn't push it around where I wanted it like in the first one.

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