Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Quilted Pumpkin and Some Halloween Candy

Hi Everyone! After the card I have a small amount of candy to give away and I need your opinions on something to do with candy, so please read to the end and let me know what you think.

For the card I used one of the stamps from the September Kit of the Month from Unity. The stitching on the pumpkin made me think of quilting so I tried to get a quilted look to the card. I'm not too sure how happy I am with it....But the stamp is wonderful. I'm going to have to try something else with it later!

The Details:
Stamp: Unity September Kit of the Month
Paper: Chatterbox, Bravo Burgundy, Old Olive, Chocolate Chip
Copics: YR5,YR16,YR18,YG95,YG97,R46 w/E08 over it, R59 w/E09 over it.
Misc: Linen Thread, Button

On to the candy! First I will tell you the story so you can laugh at me! I ordered this sentiment set from Doodlefactory and got it, but when I went to use it I couldn't find it anywhere. It was bare rubber and I had no memory of mounting it on EZ Mount which I always do with these. I finally dcided that maybe I threw the envelope away with the stamps still inside because they are so thin. I was furious with myself, but decided to order it again because I really liked these Halloween sentiments! Well, guess what? I had mounted the first set and put it in a CD case but not labeled it or catalogued it in my 3 ring binder (I NEVER forget to do that!) and of course I found it just as my second set arrived. So, even though it will be pushing it to get this to you before Halloween I would like to give it away to one of you. Just tell me you favorite Halloween costume (yours, your child's, one you saw somewhere...) I will draw randomly Thursday afternoon and if I get the address from the winner fast enough will put it in the mail Friday morning. Oh, here is the set - it is bare rubber:

And my last question... I really need your opinions. My stamp collection is really taking over the dining room. Some of it consists of some wonderful stamps that I was seduced into buying by other ladies fabulous creations but I have since realized are really not my style. Many of them have never been used, but are not in their original packages because I store all of my stamps in CD cases. Is is weird or improper to offer them as candy if they are not in their original packages? I really don't know the etiquette on this so I am counting on you.

Thanks so much!


Claireabelle said...

Fabby card as always Traci!!!

How about selling your stamps on Ebay?

Jessica Diedrich said...

I was just going to say-I would sell them. And ebay is one way to go, but the BST Forum on SCS is free-and you can sell anything (I believe) as long as it's not current SU as to not compete w/ demos. Retired sets ok though and I believe company sets too You could also post to your blog sets for sale and do paypal, but I think anyone would be grateful for Blog candy even if not in the original packaging? How's that for a novel? CUTE card-love the layered pumpkin...aren't they FUN!?

JoAnn V. (http://joboogie.typepad.com) said...

Love the card! It's so cute! :) I really like the colors you used!

As for your stamps... I'd sell them to get more stamps that suit your liking. :) Or you can post to yor blog and see how much interest you'd get. You could offer some as blog candy too. Hmmm.. I'm so indecisive! *Lol*

Tasha said...

Hi Traci i love your quilted creation and the stamp is so cute. Love the paper. One year my brother dressed as a Mummy we spent lots of money on bandages and wrapped him all up he looked awesome but half way through the night he needed to use the bathroom - he got in a bit of a pickle then. We hadnt thought it through properly lol. I dont think its weird offering open stamps as candy but you could also try selling them on your blog too - make a little more stamp money! Love tasha x x

RiNNE said...

I think the previous ladies are right- give some as blog candy and try to sell the rest! Good-luck with your decision! As for the card, I think it's amazing! Love the stitching and the twine! Great job as always!

Peggy said...

Super adorable card Traci!! Love the quilted look!
I see no problem with offering the stamps as blog candy. Especially if you put in your offering that they are new, never used, not in original package.

Kim Costello said...

Your stitching, quilted card looks marvelous Traci, very clever with the patterned papers and love the dimension and embellishments on the pumpkin!
I once dressed as a skeleton with hand cut bones stuck to a black bin bag(as you do)...
As for your stamps I agree with the others and think you should sell them and then the rest could be for candy, as for the original packaging I don't think it really matters as much as the stamp! Hope it helps and thanks for your sweet comments!!! HuGs Kim :)

JenRaff said...

I don't think anyone cares how the stamps come - free is free!
My favorite halloween costume of all time is when my little girl dressed up as Snow White. I am a huge Snow White fan and I waited a long, long time to have my girl so when I saw her all dressed up and happy, I was thrilled! Dreams do come true.

Scraphappy in AK said...

I wouldn't turn down used stamps and I wouldn't think anything about them being used as long as you said they were used up front. My favorite costume...So many to choose from. Probably the time I dressed up as Pebbles and the nickname stuck or I loved seeing my daughter dress up as Snow White for her Birthday. But because of the cold weather here, she is going to be Bat Girl instead of a princess.

Mary Giles said...

Traci my first hobby was quilting and I love your pumpkin card and how you made it pop off the paper. You have also used my favorite quilt pattern...the Ohio Star.

Don't you just hate it when something like that happens. I've done it a couple of times. Don't enter me into the drawing...I have these...but my favorite Halloween costume was my DD's first Halloween. I dressed her up as a monkey and it was just the cutest.

Kelly Booth said...

Love this card Traci....Such a pretty Autumn Feel!
Favorite Halloween costume?? Would have to be a clown when I was pregnant with my first!!

Lisa Foster said...

I love this Quilted-Card! SO cute!!!
Ha! Loved your story...that is SO something I would do!!!

I don't think anyone minds anything that's GIVEN to them...Blog Candy...is a GIFT! I think it would be very sweet of you to offer it!

Lisa Foster said...

Oh whoops forgot my fave costume...My DH's nickname at work used to be Ardvark (no clue why), so one Halloween we dressed as Ardvark (him) & Ant (me)...it was hysterical...his snoz was a flexible dryer hose that was painted gray.

Jodi Collins said...

Oh my WORD! This is AMAZING! Your coloring always BLOWS me away, and this is no exception! LOVE the dimension on the pumpkin, the gorgeous layout and papers and the embellies! This is DELISH!!!
My fav costume was when my DH and I were the King and Queen of Hearts! So fun!!
I am not sure about your stamp issue...I have often wondered myself :)

Sparkplug17 said...

How gorgeous! I love the depth and the buttons.

Amy said...

The dimension you got on this card is just fabulous Traci and the quilting is beautiful!

I'm not an expert on blog candy but I would think that since you are giving it away 'as is' there wouldn't be a problem. :)

Oh, and my fave costume was a fabulous glam witch one that I put together for my cousin, complete with hat, wig, broom, false eyelashes, gown... the works, she loved it!

♥Rach♥ said...

I don't think most of us care whether they are used or not. It's not like a used...uh, tissue (the other thing I was going to say was much more gross) so it's not like it's bad once it's been inked up :0)

Tammy said...

Love the card! So welcoming and warm.