Friday, April 24, 2009

The Blue Baron

Hi Guys! I am getting a late start today. I had my card all downloaded and everything last night but I was just too tired to post it. And this one needs a little explanation.

There is a Renaissance Faire here every summer (first two weekends in June) called The Three Baron's Renaissance Faire. I know there are some Faires that really strive towards accuracy and seriousness - ours is very fun and fantasy - like. The story is there are 3 Baron's - the Green Baron (and Baroness plus their Court) who are evil, the Red Baron (and Baroness plus their Court) who are good (sickeningly so!) and the Blue Baron (and his many wives and Court!) who are mysterious! My friends and I used to go every year, sometimes several times, so we decided to become Vendor's and we now have a craft booth at the fair. I usually make costume pieces but I have been spending much more time card-making this year and so I decided I had to make some cards in honor of the Baron's. I haven't finished the Red or Green Baron's cards, but this is in honor of the Blue Baron. This is the only picture I have with him in it from the last couple of years Faire's. The same guy has been the Blue Baron ever since I started going in the mid 90's and my card was based on my memories of him from then.

I also thought since I was showing Faire stuff I would show an older card of mine that has never been on my blog, based on a dress I made for my daughter for Faire. This is her in the summer of '07.

All of the stamped images are altered Dress Me Anya'a and Ian's from The Greeting Farm and the paper on all of the cards is DCWV. I'm sorry I don't have my list of Copics used on the Baron card this time, and the card with the purple dress used Prismacolor pencils and mineral spirits.

Thanks for coming to see me! I hope you have a great weekend!


Inklings of Ellie and Plum said...

I love how you can adapt any of TGF's stamps to create your cards!!! I think we are all envious in a good way of how talented you are.

Angie said...

I love your cards! I noticed the second one of the TGF gallery and marked it as one of my favorite's. I actually think that is the card that led me to find your blog!

Jessica Diedrich said...

WOW Traci! OMG you are so amazingly talented I feel like the proudest VP in the world that I get YOU on my team! Seriously, seriously..these cards are absolutely to die for! I hope you have fun this weekend and have a blast at the faire! Too much fun!!!

Randi said...

Wow, Traci! Seriously?!? Those are SO amazing!! You have some serious drawing skills! And that DP on your daughter's card is perfect! It looks like stained glass!

I'm bummed because I'm missing our ren faire right now! There's this singing pirate troop I adore! (Ya, we have a pirate section at our Ren faire now.)

Girl, if you lived closer we could get our Anyas out and play dress up!! ;o)

Rosette said...

You are always so original and skilled with those Anyas and Ians!! Lokk at these!!! My my you drop my jaw every time I land here. I could look at them foreveh!!!

Hugs to you sweety! xx

Carisa said...

I love these cards --- I remember seeing the 2nd one in the gallery. It's one of my favs. We also go to the Ren Faire every year. Have been going wherever we live since we dated in hs. We love to dress up and since having the girls, they adore getting dressed up too. I've had fairies that last 2 years but I think this year we'll be bringing princesses, LOL. Love that you have a booth at yours, that is another dream of of these days!

Heather Schlatter said...


Wow you are just way to talented!!! I love all your designs and so enjoy visiting your blog!!!

You have such an increadible talent to draw what you want!!!!

I love the dress for your daughter and I really love the card you made to represent it!!! That Aladin type card for the Blue cort is so fun!!!

Awesome job Tracy!!!