Monday, August 10, 2009

Get Ready For a Week of Challenges!

Because of the big Anya-versary all of the Greeting Farms's August releases were out on the First of the month this time. This means no new Anya's on the 15th, but Club Anya is still going to make it a week of fun by having a new challenge every day!! Be sure to check out the Club Anya Blog to see what today's challenge is! (I don't even know yet! I'll be making my challenge cards along with you!! Well, except for my challenge which you will see tomorrow!!)

My card today is based on the sketch challenge from last Friday at The Greeting Farm (Farm Fresh Friday Challenge).

The Details:
Stamp: Megan - The Greeting Farm
Paper: K&Co, Pink Passion, Kiwi Kiss, Basic Black - Stampin Up, PTI White (main image) and Gina K Base weight white
Hair: E50,E53,E55,E57
Clothes: Rv04,RV06,RV09,T0

Have A Wonderful Day!


the whimsical butterfly said...

What a beautiful card (LOVE Megan!) and wonderful post to get people pumped for this week's events! Love it! Thanks Trace! You're awesome!!!

Amy said...

Yes, you ARE awesome! Your Megan is unbelievably cute and that hair...OMGosh! :)

Mary(OhioMary) said...

Absolutely way too cute! That hair is fabulous and love all the fun colors!

Lisa Lou said...

This stamp and a set of new markers just arrived in the mail and I had a hard time coloring her. You've inspired me to try again! Fabulous work. I love that you added the flowers to her shirt too!!

Randi said...

Gorgeous Traci!! Love taht hot pink!!

Looking forward to the week of challenges!!!!!!

Heather Schlatter said...

Your coloring on her hair is simply gorgeous and I am now going to have to head off to Merry Artist .com and order me some more copics in colors I do not have yet!!!

You enabler I just said to myself yesterday well I have over 150 colors now and I think I am good for quite a while!!!!

Aw shucks!!!


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